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You know what you want for your key ingredients, and you have your own unique needs, preferences, questions and concerns regarding your food processing.

Haehl Sales has over 80 years of ingredient expertise, is family owned and operated and continues to deliver solutions that meet the demands of the marketplace.

Haehl Sales will work closely with you to determine the right formulations based on your unique needs. We are committed to fulfilling your specific ingredient requirements.

No matter what your formulation is, we are here to help you find the right ingredients for your success.


The sourcing of quality food ingredients has entered a new era of challenges and complexities.

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We can certainly understand that choosing your food ingredient provider can be stressful. Whether it's a complex formulation or an urgent need for sourcing an ingredient, our highly trained ingredient specialists can help get you the answers you're looking for.


Got ingredients questions?

Haehl Sales can deliver on even the most comprehensive ingredients solutions with reputable brands you know and trust.

We have assembled reputable suppliers that offer you a vast library of resources in your food ingredients searches.


Our Reviews

We treat our customers and partners with utmost respect and we're humbled by how they reciprocate it.

“Haehl Sales and Liberty Orchards have been doing business together for over 40 years… a true testament to your professionalism and commitment to serving your customers. Thank you, Russ David and the entire Haehl Sales team, for being our most trusted and valued source of food ingredients”.
– Greg Taylor - President, Liberty Orchards… makers of Aplets & Cotlets
“Haehl Sales has been a trusted partner of Continental Mills for over 50 years. The team at Haehl works closely with Continental Mills to truly understand what we are trying to achieve, and then operate as an extension of our team to help execute that strategy”.
– Andy Heily - President, Continental Mills
“For the last 30+ years, the Haehls have been a trustable and reliable connection and extension between us and our customers. Their vast source of knowledge in the food industry enables them to provide excellent support and expertise to everyone involved.”
– Eduardo A. Alfaro – Vice President – John B. Sanfilippo & Son (Fisher Nuts).
“I have always been impressed with the great knowledge and relationships Haehl Sales has with our customers. They are very well respected throughout the food industry”.
– Mike Marquand - Vice President Sales & Marketing - Northwest Naturals