Haehl Sales
Mission Statement

Our goal, our plan ..... who we are, what we stand for, how we do business...


“To be the leading food ingredient supplier in the Pacific Northwest by developing long term relationships based upon trustworthiness and integrity; and sharing information to enhance our mutual success.” 


Long term Relationships:

We truly care about our Supplier and Customer needs by demonstrating excellent service, helpful advice and fostering trusting relationships.  We want to do our utmost to facilitate success for the customer and supplier.  Our philosophy is simple - work hard with innovative ideas and viable solutions to meet or exceed expectations.  We emphasize the value of long-term relationships and building a deep knowledge of the ingredients we offer.

Integrity and Trustworthiness:

Standing on our word and doing what we say we will do is how we convey the value of our relationships.

We are in an industry where trust is crucial.  Aligned with top tier companies that we are proud to be connected with, we are enthusiastic about the products we bring to the marketplace. Our association with high quality products from leading manufacturers and as a trusted industry resource in the PNW, we deliver results. 

Sharing Information & Experience:

We continually educate ourselves and offer a consultative sales approach to our customers.  Decades of field experience, continually learning about our products, regularly visiting Suppliers and attending industry and regional events enables us to be the source for cutting edge ingredients and developing new ideas and applications.  Intently listening to customer needs and working together to develop the right solutions is what we do each day. 

Service, Teamwork & Solutions:

Serving our Suppliers and Customers is not just something we do, it’s who we are, and we are eager to help.  Enjoying our work, we are known for quick responses and “going the extra mile” while being committed to excellence.  This means reliable sales transactions with timely follow through from order to delivery.  Serving beyond the sale, we seek innovative opportunities and bringing the right ingredients for your business success.