Why use an Independent Sales Agency?

Haehl Sales is a growing and dynamic sales & marketing brokerage that represents a full portfolio of high-quality ingredients. The Sales team’s innovative ideas and lifetime connections, along with depth of experience in the food industry - yields more effective sales calls that drive sales. 

Essentially, an Independent Sales Agency plays many roles working for and serving the needs of both the ingredient manufacturers and the customers looking for ingredients to buy. Our priority is to achieve the goals set out by our Suppliers, our Customers and ourselves. We save you time, energy and money by working hard on your behalf. Our team loves connecting outstanding suppliers to valued customers and take on their goals as our own. Haehl Sales is known for integrity & dependability, as well as quality products and prompt service you can depend on.


Extended Sales Force & Support:

As an Independent Sales Representative Firm, Haehl Sales is an extended arm of the sales efforts for our Suppliers, a part of their team.[...more] We are charged to focus on business development and sales presentations for their product lines – also providing Customers with assistance attaining document requests, sample requests, and order fulfillment.

A Commited Resource:

We develop deep knowledge of the ingredients we choose to represent, so we can effectively sell and market them. We are a boots-on-the-ground approach to their sales, strategically located in the market we are accountable for and can keep you up to date with the market situation. We think ahead for you, and we’re always trying to bring innovative solutions and creative ideas to the table.[...more] We can help inform our Customer’s understanding of harvests and crop expectations. We can help you make the best, most informed decisions on timing, quantities, and buying strategies.

Trusted & Reliable – We Represent Quality:

We work with Quality companies and Quality brands who are dedicated to excellence. Our distinguished list of Suppliers are ones we are proud to put our name on, so there’s less risk and less worry for you. The strength of Haehl Sales - is a direct connection to the commitment and work ethic of our team, and those we do business with.[...more] Our portfolio of high-quality products is always growing. Our main priority is to help you find the just right ingredient that you need, and we continue to look for the best ingredient sources to keep our selection dynamic and strong.

Established Relationships And Loyalty:

We provide valuable connections, business development ideas, assistance with trade shows and conventions. In the Industry for four decades, Haehl Sales has built strong personal contacts and established relationships that run deep. We work closely with all departments including Procurement, R&D, Sales, Marketing, Credit and Distribution. Helping moderate when there are issues to be resolved, we can assist both Suppliers and Customers to achieve the greatest possible outcome. We can get you in the door and in front of the right people that can make a difference for your business.[...more] Continuing to build lifetime relationships is not only a key to why we are successful but it’s just who we are.


One of the biggest advantages that we offer is that we carry a huge variety of products! We represent over 30 product lines - that is a wide range of high-quality ingredients all in one place. Haehl Sales offers you solutions to multiple ingredient issues in one contact[...more] – saving you many calls, emails, frustrations, time and money. Starting all your ingredient searches with the expertise of Haehl Sales will help you find a quick and viable solution – and if we don’t have what you need, we can help direct you to the next best path. Let us help you simplify and streamline your purchasing process.


One of the main reasons people use independent reps is that we incur all the costs involved in developing business with our customers, regardless of how long that process takes. That is a tremendous advantage to our Customers and Suppliers. We get compensated only after a sale is finalized. The development of those business efforts, of everything we pursue, is our strength, and we enjoy helping to cut your workload.[...more] Just as companies outsource areas such as accounting, HR, Legal and IT, outsourcing sales enables a lot of benefits. Increasing sales for our Suppliers and finding solutions for our Customers is our goal.

A Company That Truly Cares:

Our team of knowledgeable professionals can provide you with comprehensive answers, timely solutions, and deliver on their promises. We love what we do and give it our all. We sincerely and enthusiastically get to work for you, giving you personalized assistance that you can count on. You can breathe easy knowing Haehl Sales is working for you, committed to meeting the needs of our Suppliers and Customers in a smooth and stress free way. [...more]