Nolan Haehl

Nolan Haehl

Nolan is the anchor of our office, steady and calm – He has a well-balanced empathy for both our customers and valued principals, handling difficult situations with patience and grace. Nolan brings a steadiness, a positive attitude, and is as genuine as they come. Coming with a mental toughness and decisive action, he enjoys a challenge and is highly motivated.

Nolan holds a Bachelor’s degree with an Economics focus from Washington State University, bringing this knowledge along with his passion for business development & market growth to Haehl Sales. He brings a great attention to detail, has a terrific smile, and a healing hug – truly just a big teddy bear.

A football lineman on both sides of the ball and a beautiful baseball swing into his college years that was the envy of many, Nolan has always believed that you out-commit, out-work and out-prepare if you want to be successful at what you’re doing. Nolan’s desire is to produce results with an executable plan that will grow the business, taking Haehl Sales strongly into the next generation.

Nolan is married to his highschool sweetheart Olivia. They live in the Wenatchee Valley and enjoy spending time with their beautiful German Shepherd puppy ‘Ziva’. You will also find them both together enjoying, deer hunting, duck hunting, fishing, golf and visiting the Oregon Coast.

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