Caylan Haehl

Caylan Haehl

Caylan has passion, a positive attitude and is all can-do. While a 4-year collegiate shortstop on the Whitworth University Softball team, she completed an undergrad degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Administrative Leadership.

Caylan brings her get-it-done mindset and winning attitude to work everyday. She’s an extremely energetic person, joyful, and one of the most compassionate and ambitious people you’ll ever meet.

A savvy worker with the ability to prioritize well – her perseverance and discipline is inspiring to us all. Her dedication to doing the best job with everything she does, makes her an integral part of every endeavor she’s a part of.

She is wise beyond her years, always ready to grab a cup of coffee and listen. When not at work, you’ll find her at the top of a mountain whether it’s snow-shoeing or hiking, in the rock-climbing gym or on a run. A hard-core downhill skier, she is all curiosity and can-do.

Caylan’s approach to life is to live boldly, to live with intention, to laugh and to make people feel heard. She’s a go-getter who loves red wine, good food and being present.

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