Mary Haehl

Mary Haehl

In October of 2017, Mary chose to help with the huge transition of moving the family business headquarters over the mountains. This was a monumental task and she stepped in full bore - traveling over the mountains to have a presence both in Bellevue and at home. This amazing woman works both ends of the candle willingly and joyfully to bring every business system, office protocol, information tool, website, logo refresh and a thousand things in-between up to the highest standards and competences. Mary is the center of office flow & dynamics and we are blessed to have her servant’s heart shine every day striving to make our business the best it can be.

Becoming a “co-worker” to her husband David, brother-in-law Russ, and her children has been seamless, as her passion of excellence is lived out by her in every task she does which is contagious to all who are blessed to know her. Infusing the office with strength, compassion and innovation, Mary is as detail oriented as she is big picture - developing reports that bring smart analysis and keen insights into the numbers.

Mary married her best friend David 30 years ago right after graduating from Seattle Pacific University. She easily set aside her incredible talents in Interior Design, organization skills, and a myriad of other gifts to homeschool their 4 children. A pursuit of her love of God while teaching her children, and classes of history & geography for many other families, her primary passion was to pass on the very high standards of excellence she demands of herself.

When she is not working, Mary is always is deep into studying her bible, and always willing to drop her agenda for others to be a listening ear. A talented artist, her oil paintings grace the labels of the family hobby vineyard, she’s a master gardener, enjoys bike riding, a rare game of golf and is a proficient downhill skier.

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